You're on Arty's webpage now. You might know me as Harley, or Bembix, or Crab, or any other multitude of usernames I've adopted over the years. You are free to call me by any of them.

I've been frustrated with the lack of art website options and customizability, especially with places like tumblr and twitter becoming both the only places to post art while also being nigh unusable. After's sudden shutdown, I became reinvigorated to try and carve out my own little hole on the internet that I can organize however I want. Even if it looks bad or is clunky, I can still say I made it.

I have a lot I want to draw, and a lot I want to write. Not to gain an audience, but to get it out of my head and into my field of vision. I do enjoy the approval of others when I create things, but I do it first and foremost for myself.

I love to collect things, I love poultrykeeping and I have a soft spot for the creatures that others might revile, hence the roach theming.

Yes I know only the female anglerfish has a lure. I know exactly what I'm doing.

I like cleaning to unwind, birds of all kinds, monster-catching games and starting conlangs that I'll never finish. I don't know what sports are, but I can respect the enthusiasm. I have a passion for geese and goose-related material items. I always have to be doing something, and if I'm not creating things on a regular basis I will lose my shit. All I want in life is to live in a nice house with my boyfriend, design creatures, and have an indoor goose.
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